David is an experienced financial service executive with formal qualifications in law, governance, risk management and compliance. He has a passion for the social and environmental impact that organisations have on the ecosystems around them and connecting enterprise risk management with sustainability.
Sustainability Advisor
Hayley has experience advising and growing some delightful organisations. She enjoys implementing better processes that are practical and form part of an understandable, authentic direction. She most enjoys completing projects that add value and integrity for both the organisation and the people involved.

Esk Group was formed to help organisations innovate the design and implementation of their strategy, customer experience, and find their meaningful place in their surrounding environment. To enable amazing decision making, we believe in bringing together; uncertainty & pragmatism, risk & opportunity, and growth & sustainability, in practical ways. We believe that real change can only happen through a genuine desire to do better and ownership and accountability at all levels.‚Äč


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